Private Club

The perfect place for exceptional good vibes.

Our story

Sol Beach Ltd. is a non-profit, private beach club.

The Club is a float-house SPLAV  located in Belgrade, anchored on the island  Ada Medjica, and can only be visited by boat.

Established in 1994, Sol Beach evolved setting new standards for party events for which it is well known in the community. The Club provides exceptional services and facilities for nightlife-orientated activities. Club’s amenities include:

Draft Beer, Barbecue, Club Music, Pole Dancing, Swimming, Water-sports,  DJ Sessions, Sunbathing, Massage, Boat-rental, Stage Lightning, Professional DJ equipment, High-class PA systems, Monster foam machine…

This is the perfect place for an outstanding event.

Matinee Party, DJ sessions, Bachelorette party, Craft Beer Festival, Beach Party, Masquerade ball, Photo shooting, Team building, Lazy Lounge, Pole Dancing, Birthday event, Halloween party.

Feel free to create your unique event.

Environmental-friendly, we provide up to 100% electricity from our highly efficient solar system and use only recycled water for sanitary systems.